What should we do if we lose our pet or find a lost one?

The first thing is that you contact RIAC (Registry of Identification of Companion Animals) as soon as possible (the pet must be identified electronically with a microchip) so that it appears in the registry.

to. By phone 91 564 54 59.

b. Via web www.riacmadrid.org («Public access» section) and choose the option from the menu on the left where it says «Declaration of loss of animal» (required Pet ID (chip code) + ID of the owner. contact details have changed, you can update them from the section where it says «Modify contact details»).

c. Activation by VRU (automated telephone answering system).

Note: as long as it is theft or theft and this can be demonstrated (threat, intimidation, force, etc.), you must also go to the Police or Civil Guard and file a complaint.

Have you found a pet on public roads?

to. If possible, go to a veterinary center to obtain your microchip. The veterinarian can consult the RIAC database and view the owner’s contact details.

b. Contact RIAC by phone 91 564 54 59.

c. If the first two options have not been possible, contact the Local Police of the municipality where you are.