Valladolid with dog

In these unique times of movement restrictions due to the COVID pandemic that hits us, it is difficult to make plans with our pets, since many provinces are still closed and others have movement restrictions.

What has forced us dog fathers and mothers to look for alternatives to train our furry dogs.

In Madrid, we can enjoy the streets with long walks, or visit some parks like Retiro and Madrid Rio. Also if the weather is good, a terrace with our best friend.

In other provinces there are still restrictions, but when the situation improves, I propose a plan in Valladolid, land of Castles and good wines.

There are many establishments and rural houses that allow dogs, there is also a castle that of Los Comuneros de Torrelobatón, famous for being the one chosen by Hollywood to record the film El Cid starring Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren.

In this Castle, dogs are allowed to enter some exhibitions that are well behaved and well tied.

Another place of undoubted interest is the Castle of La Mota, whose main function was as a fortress, but also as an archive of the Crown of Castile and a prison, having such illustrious prisoners with Cesar Borgia.

Castle of La Mota
If you fancy an excursion plan in nature, Natural Reserve of the Riberas de Castronuño-Vega del Duero,

In the province of Valladolid you can also do a wine tour in one of the wineries

The Medina del Campo area, in the Valladolid province, is not only rich in history, but also has excellent gastronomy and wine culture. It is a land of wines.

It is a destination, in which you can undoubtedly enjoy and learn a lot, as well as being able to do it with your best four-legged friend.