Traveling in OUIGO with your dog

As you well know, the rail market has been liberalized, and now we have other operators that compete with Renfe.

Renfe already had a pet policy, where you can take one per person as long as it is in a transport and does not exceed 10kg, which in my opinion leaves out many other dogs and the possibility of traveling with them by train.

The new SNCF operator OUIGO, which has entered the market, also has a similar policy to Renfe, with the exception that you can carry up to two dogs per person, and that they weigh no more than 10kg, which leaves many pets outside.

I leave you the link to the OUIGO website where you can see the details of the requirements to travel this summer with your furry.

The rail liberalization, an engine for the economy and the new mobility, the cost of the dog’s ticket is € 10 if you pay it before or € 20 if you do it at the time of boarding. The crew will be in charge of regularizing your pet at boarding time.

It is to be expected that these size restrictions will gradually change and can be accessed with dogs of more than 10 kilos and above all without the need to carry them in a transport, when with a muzzle they could be more comfortable.