Travel with your best friend by train.

Every day we see more and more people in airports and train stations traveling with their pets, mostly dogs and cats. Little by little, an important part of the population is beginning to be seen that spends time with their furry animals and with whom they also travel. This reality is encouraging many to plan a short or long trip with their best friends.

For this reason, we have accessed the official website of Renfe, the main train operator in Spain, to find out what requirements we must meet to travel with our pets.

Renfe Image

In principle, you can travel on Ave, Long Distance, Avant and Media Distancia trains as long as:

be it small pets: dogs, cats, ferrets and non-poultry.
weigh no more than 10 kg
Always travel inside your cage or carrier, with a maximum size of 60x35x35 cm
maximum 1 pet per person


They must always travel with their own pet ticket and not occupy a place. The ticket is free if you travel in Preferential class, Preferential bed or Grand Class or Grand Comfort Seat. If not, the cost of the ticket will be 25% of the price in Turista class or Turista + class.

Keep in mind that, on trips with a combined train + bus ticket, pets are not allowed.

Guide and assistance dogs always travel free and are not subject to weight or transport limitations.

Before traveling, check the transport conditions and the necessary documentation so that you and your pet enjoy a safe and comfortable trip.