The Most Simple And Effective Tricks Of Maskowe To Remove The Fear Of Water From Dogs.

Maskowe offers several tricks to apply in the case of having a pet that is not exactly a lover of water, in search of naturalizing that relationship without generating stress and effectively

Although many dog ​​breeds love it and show it when they are in front of a water supply, others feel a certain reluctance to dive or simply get a little wet, something that, especially in summer, can be detrimental to combat the high temperatures of this era.

The professionals at Maskowe are perfectly aware of the character of these varieties whose animosity towards water is one of their defects, which is why they offer a series of basic, easy and highly effective tips to improve this complex relationship.

Never force

Before suggesting other measures, the first thing to keep in mind is that the animal can never be forced to get wet, since, in this way, it can suffer episodes of stress.

This process should be somewhat progressive, in which he should have decision-making power on his own, although he can be helped with some tricks.

If possible, from puppyhood

One of the premises to increase the chances of success in this mission is to begin to bring him closer to the water in his first months of life, since this way he will get used to it from a young age.

The bathtub as a first step

If you have a shower or bathtub, you can start the approach with the water at that point of the house (it is also valid with a hose or something similar on the terrace or patio).

Opting for lukewarm water, with a gentle stream, soaping with care and speaking closely and slowly will help to generate a relaxed and relaxed environment for the animal, thus associating water with positive reinforcement.

Resort to the game

If the pet is one of those that enjoys going to look for sticks or balls where you throw it, you can try throwing it into the water (without being great distances for safety).

Play contributes to their relaxation and to making a positive association with water.

Show you security

When the owner and the animal approach water areas, such as rivers, lakes, coastline, pools … The best thing is that the owner of the pet shows him the way to follow to go slowly into the water, what the animal will see as a sample of security to make up your mind and accompany you on the dive.

Source: Agencies / Press Releases / Maskowe



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