The Irish Setter

The Irish Setters have been described as one of the most beautiful of dog breeds. Originally developed as a bird dog, the Irish Setter keeps the drive and energy of his ancestors.

There’s nothing he enjoys more than doing new things and going new places, especially if they involve birds. 

At the beginning it was bred for hunting, specifically for setting or locating and pointing upland gamebirds, since they are a tireless, wide-ranging hunter.

The modern breed standard was first drawn up by the Irish Red Setter Club in Dublin in 1886.

Irish Setters have a wonderful temperament, they make terrific therapy dogs and can be found visiting hospices, retirement homes, and children’s hospitals, spreading the gift of their warmth, humor, and love, they are also outgoing dogs who enjoy making friends.

Bear in mind Irish Setters become very attached to the people in their lives and can suffer from serious separation anxiety. They become very unhappy when they are left alone for more than a few hours and this unhappiness usually results in destructive behaviour.

They are famously good family dogs.