The Immune System, A Key Factor In Pet Health.

The pandemic has increased concern about caring for the immune system of pets, although 40% of owners say that it does not do anything specific. ADVANCE ACTIVE DEFENSE formula with natural immunoglobulins and polyphenols supports pets’ natural defenses and barriers

The pandemic has made health concerns more evident and has caused a growing concern for the knowledge and care of the Immune System, both human and pet; this is stated by 85% of those surveyed in a study carried out by ADVANCE. For their part, 98% of owners believe that taking care of their dog or cat’s defenses is important for their health, but 40% recognize that they do not do anything specific to take care of their pet’s natural defenses and barriers.

The main defense organ in humans, dogs and cats is the digestive system

The Immune System in all living beings has the objective of protecting the body from different threats such as diseases and infections. The main defense organ in humans, dogs and cats is the digestive system, which houses 70% 1 of the defenses.

Bacteria and microorganisms live in the digestive system, the so-called microbiota, the set of beneficial microorganisms. According to Dr. Santiago Vega, Professor of Animal Health at CEU Cardenal Herrera University “The microbiota is key in the animal’s defenses: having a healthy microbiota protects against germs and helps to maintain a correct Immune System. A pet that is in good health generally has a mutual relationship with its microbiota, that is, both the animal and the microbiota benefit from living together ”.

The microorganisms that inhabit the intestine have an essential function in the absorption of nutrients in the body: “Nutrition is an important and determining component of the immune response. Food in general, and particularly nutrients, play an important role in the development and proper maintenance of the Immune System. The existing epidemiological data relate the presence of nutritional deficits with immune imbalances and an increased risk of infections ”explains Vega.

ADVANCE, nutrition that helps the natural defenses and barriers of dogs and cats

ADVANCE has been studying the world of defenses for 25 years and has developed together with its team of expert veterinarians the innovative ADVANCE ACTIVE DEFENSE formula, with scientifically proven functional ingredients that help the natural defenses and barriers of dogs and cats.

According to Antonia Reales, Head of Veterinary Communication and Training at ADVANCE: “ADVANCE Active Defense is an advanced formula with immunoglobulins2, which are proteins that identify and neutralize foreign bodies such as viruses, bacteria or other antigens, contributing to the natural defenses of the animal . » Dr. Reales states that “The formulas also contain polyphenols, which have a high antioxidant capacity and help neutralize free radicals that can damage immune cells, and nucleotides in products for puppies and kittens, such as those found in milk. maternal. The nucleotides help to stimulate the immune response and help the optimal development of pets in their most vulnerable moment ”.

Immune system and pet health: key in their first and last stages of life

Helping the correct functioning of natural defenses and barriers through feeding is key at all stages, but especially when pets are puppies or are of advanced age. In this sense, according to a study3 carried out by ADVANCE, the number of veterinary consultations with puppies has increased notably in 2021: visits to patients with junior dogs have increased by 23.7% and that of junior cats by 42% compared to the data 2020. As explained by Dr. Santiago Vega “the development of the Immune System begins before birth and develops mainly during the first years of life. The type of feeding also plays an important role in the configuration of the Immune System, since breastfeeding is one of the main ways by which the mother transfers microbiota to the newborn, that is, through breast milk, the mother it transfers to the puppy some microorganisms whose function is to protect him against diseases and pathogens.

At the other extreme, the aging process is accompanied by changes in the microbiota. When the dog or cat enters a more advanced age, in its senior stage, special care must be taken with nutrition since it needs extra defenses to help fight diseases that may arise at this stage ”.


ADVANCE is a veterinary brand of nutrition for cats and dogs with 25 years of experience developed and researched to bring consumers nutrition with scientifically proven ingredients that help take care of the health and well-being of your dog and / or cat.

The brand’s commitment to bring information and science in an understandable way to the consumer and offer the highest quality nutrition options so that you can find the best solution for the needs of your dog or cat.

ADVANCE has a wide range of dog and cat food.

Source: Agencies / Press releases / Cristina Garcia

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