The Happy Dog Franchise, An Opportunity For Young Entrepreneurs.

Given the socioeconomic situation caused by Covid-19, specialized services, such as the pet care sector, have become an interesting entrepreneurial opportunity due to their economic stability, social demand and compatibility with other businesses

Franchise models are today the main protagonists in the entrepreneurship market due to the multiple advantages they present, in particular, the El Perro Feliz home care franchise stands out, where Jesús Becerra, CEO-founder of Perro Feliz, highlights the keys of its successful expansion «the fact that our franchises bear very few fixed costs and have a highly scalable human team management system, greatly minimizes the risks of not making a profit with our business model».

Currently, the El Perro Feliz franchise network has positioned itself as a business concept with clear competitive advantages given the need of society for the reduced time to care for their pets, among the advantages we highlight the following:

Precursor company of a highly demanded service. El Perro Feliz is the only franchise network in Spain of professional pet sitters. offers a personalized alternative to dog lodging and cat care.

Help entrepreneurship through a scholarship plan. The central has promoted a financing process with scholarships of up to € 7,500 with the aim of facilitating the start-up of a profitable and efficient business. This system has a limited number of places subject to a selection process by the headquarters, in which they will assess the profile of the franchisees, with the aim of developing a network with the same perspective in terms of values ​​and corporate vision.

Broad prospect of business growth. «Our purpose is to lead the transformation in the pet care sector, offering an avant-garde, personalized and conscious alternative to the true needs of animals and their families» pointed out Jesús Becerra. For this reason, the franchise has made a strong commitment to development and innovation.

Operating system with low operating costs: the implementation of an El Perro Feliz franchise does not require a place to start the activity, nor does it require a high outlay on personnel or stock. The head office provides all the necessary equipment, a portfolio of professionals in the sector and the guidelines to obtain a rapid amortization by attracting customers with loyalty actions.

The Happy Dog team is defined, therefore, as a profitable business due to its low investment of € 15,000, with clear goals: to maintain its corporate values ​​according to the expansion of the franchise: respect for animals, safety, personalization and guarantees.

Source: Agencies / press releases / Borja Sánchez

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