The Benefits Of Dogs For Boys And Girls With Down Syndrome.

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Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that is caused by a total or partial trisomy of chromosome 21.

It is not a disease, it is a condition that mainly causes physical abnormalities and mental retardation in its development.

These boys and girls have different capacities which makes them very special.

The most important thing is to develop in them different skills, such as social, cognitive communication and interaction, etc. so that they manage to cope in the best way with their environment and achieve greater autonomy in activities of daily daily life such as food, autonomy when dressing, hygiene, and also instruments such as going out to do the shopping, handling money, the use of the computer, mobile, etc.

That is why dogs are a great ally to develop these skills and hopefully they could be integrated into therapies from an early intervention, in order to help them in their general development process.

When the boy or girl meets the dog there is an immediate connection, a great bond between them that over time becomes indissoluble.

The affection and the need for both of them to communicate is achieved spontaneously, which allows the dog to begin to participate as soon as possible in the different therapies and to get involved in the activities of the daily life of the child and her family.

The dog motivates the child to perform different activities and each achievement is a positive reinforcement for the dog.

The dog becomes another member of the family, respecting the child’s rhythm and getting involved in her learning process.

The dog and the child learn to play together, a fundamental part of the first years that affect the development of communication and interaction, social and cognitive skills.

This bond gives them greater confidence and self-assurance, enhances the game, develops the different senses, which significantly reduces anxiety and fear.

The dog is so important in the child’s life and development in general, that their loyalty and love for one another transcends everything.

Daniella Pallavicini

Occupational Therapist

University of Chile




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