The 5 basic keys for the care of pets in summer that points out De Pets

The high temperatures, disproportionate in some parts of the Spanish geography, pose a major obstacle for the animals, especially in the central hours of the day, so De Pets offers a series of tips so that these little ones enjoy maximum well-being during the season summer

Thermometers are starting to go off, and animals are beginning to show certain signs of discomfort in these environments.

De Pets knows the difficulties of the little furry ones in the face of extreme temperatures and, therefore, offers 5 essential keys that must be taken into account so that they do not suffer the ravages of the intense heat.

They should never be exposed to the sun

If you have an animal that is usually outdoors (on a terrace, patio or garden), the ideal thing is that you do not place your things at the point where in the central hours it receives direct and intense sunlight.

In addition, it is convenient that you do not take him out for a walk in those periods of time, but it is better that you go out in the first or last hours of the day, when the thermometers do not reach their maximums. Still, try to keep a gentle pace, taking breaks and giving your pet water when he is fatigued.

Take care of your pads

During this time, the ground will be very hot (sometimes even scorching), so the animal pads can burn and / or crack.

It does not hurt to use a pad protector that prevents these damages or calms them in case it is too late.

Hydration by flag

Water (if possible, fresh) is vital for all living things but, in summer, it is even more so. You can also be offered alternatives with more nutritional benefits, such as water with electrolytes, unsalted buttermilk, frozen sweets, broth, curd, fruit or coconut water, since, with warm environments, appetite reduction is common.

In this sense, attention should be paid if he presents signs of dehydration, such as excessive drooling, respiratory distress, bloodshot eyes, restlessness or increased heart rate, before which you should go to the veterinarian for proper treatment.

Check for fleas and ticks

With the arrival of heat, the number of parasites like these proliferates, so it is key to check your body to rule out their presence and change your bedding periodically.

Do not cut hair

Shaving the body of the animal seems to help the animal to stay cool, it is precisely the reverse, since the layers of hair protect them from overheating and possible sunburn, since their skin is very delicate.

De Pets is a web portal dedicated to offering the most complete and accurate information on the care of companion animals, with the sole and firm purpose of keeping these little ones in optimal conditions.

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