Ten Young Cancer Survivors Begin The «Transhumant Adventure Between Wolves And Mastiffs»

It is a solidarity initiative of Trendenimal Educa that begins today as proof of overcoming and courage of young people

The region of Babia, in León, will be the setting chosen to carry out the III Edition of the project «Trashumante Adventure between wolves and mastiffs», the solidarity initiative of Trendenimal Educa, coordinated by the MaratónDog Association and with the sponsorship of Royal Canin. A journey that begins today and in which ten young people, between the ages of 13 and 17, who have overcome cancer and are discharged will participate.

The main objective is none other than to value the importance that the dog has, and has had, in the development of the human being. But also praise the spirit of improvement and the strength of these young people who will have the opportunity to live an exciting adventure through one of the most emblematic landscapes of the Iberian Peninsula.

The young people will be accompanied by Manolo Calvo, Leader of the initiative and Head of Trendaimal Educa, to discover with them the ins and outs of the practice of transhumance, a tradition that consists of herding in continuous movement and whose survival in Spain is due to largely to the work of the dog.

The organization will thus work with two groups of young people of five components, who arrived from Andalusia and other parts of Spain that are part of the project thanks to the collaboration of two key associations in helping children with cancer: Fundación Olivares and Fundación Aladina. Thus, these ten adventurers will be in charge of raising awareness in society about the importance of conserving the environment and highlighting the relevance of the Iberian fauna.

“Traditional transhumance is a vitally important tool to fight against climate change. Due to the sustainable use of natural resources, especially soil and water, this type of grazing preserves the rural landscape, maintains natural spaces, slows the loss of biodiversity and encourages the maintenance of one of the most emblematic breeds of dogs: the Spanish mastiff ”, explains Manuel Calvo, Leader of the initiative and Head of Trendenimal Educa.

100 km through the biosphere reserve

The participants of the edition will live a unique experience accompanying the shepherds on their journeys to lead herds of almost 1,500 sheep thanks to the work of about a dozen mastiffs, in charge of protecting them against wolves and Iberian bears.

“Aventura Trashumante entre Lobos y Mastines” will take place in the Babia biosphere reserve, which occupies an area of ​​38,018 hectares and will establish its base camp in El Caserío de Babia: a farmhouse with more than two hundred years of history, located in La Cueta de Babia and that has been restored for Adventure. In total, more than 100 km will be traveled through the old Cañadas Reales and Veredas and there will be exciting days helping to change the herd from the pastures of Lake Babia to those of the Las Verdes lagoon.

Tíanimal Educa seeks to transmit with this initiative the necessary protection of biodiversity thanks to this type of grazing, one of the most sustainable and least polluting, as well as giving the dog everything that humans have owed him since time immemorial.

Source: Agencies / Press releases / Cristina Gomez rico romero