Story of a rescued life

On a day like today, May 18, 11 years ago, a being came into my life who saved me. This is the story of his rescue.

I was born somewhere in Ciudad Real, on a country estate. My life was normal; As a child I played with my brothers and my mother protected us. From time to time humans came to my farm to feed us and spend the weekend. One of those days, when I was only four months old, they came with someone else. This someone had white hair and moved somewhat slowly and perhaps with some difficulty. Even so, in my eagerness to be liked by those beings who fed me and from time to time caressed me and played with me, I went over to greet the new visitor. I just wanted to give him a few kisses, but when I caught up with him he fell. From that day on, nothing was the same. My large size didn’t help either.

A few days later they put me in a box with wheels, I think they call it a car. I thought we were going on vacation. Before long we arrived at a place with many more dogs. There were also cats. It didn’t look bad, but something didn’t quite convince me. There they were talking to someone I didn’t know, but she turned out to be nice. He was playing with me for a while, and when I realized it, my humans were gone without me. I waited sitting for a few days for them to realize that I was missing, but it seems that they did not miss me enough. I was there for four more months. I liked the place less and less. Some dogs bit me when I went for a walk outside of my cage. My colleagues were older than me and treated me cordially. I tried to play with the other dogs, but they didn’t want to.

After four months there, one day a human appeared and stood in front of my cage. He looked at me and asked, «What about you?» Right away it seemed like he needed company, so I walked over, got up to his level, and gave him a couple of licks. He must have liked it, because he wanted to get me out of my cage. I was scared to death, so he didn’t think about it and picked me up. From that moment I remember being up on his head, scared to death by all the dogs at his feet trying to bite me and not knowing what was going to become of me. When we left there, the nightmare returned: again a car, a short trip … But this time it was different.

He took me to a place where they poked me behind the ear and on the back. I did not complain, I was not the thing for it. Then he took me to buy a necklace, a leash, food, feeders and I don’t know how many other things. Quite a waste for someone like me. Once all the errands were done, we arrived at a place that I had never seen before. He said to me on entering: «Bruno, welcome home.» I didn’t know who Bruno was (my name was Byron), but it didn’t sound bad. He must be someone very special, of course. Since then he referred to me by that name, and I got used to him doing it.

The fact is that, from that day on, I rescued his life. Taking advantage of the fact that I had to do my «little things», he took me to the park. While I was playing with Yimbo, Angie and the other family, he talked with his peers, he went out, he met people … And that was eleven years ago. I just hope there are many more, because even though I rescued his life, he took me out of that ugly place.


Borja Martinez



San Bernardo

San Bernardo, es una raza de perro originaria de los Alpes suizos y del norte