Specialty Coffee & Dogs

Lately, many of us have noticed that brand new coffee shops are labeled as Specialty Coffee. Also these coffee shops are not part a huge chain or corporations, most of them are managed by its owners, making the experience even better, but not just that, also these coffee shops are a sort of positive vibe places, where everyone is welcome even if you are four legged person, food is healthy and these good vibes lead into a great place you want  to be. 

During many years, for many dog parents, it was almost impossible to access to many nice places along with our dogs, especially those which may look  good. We had to face the constant rejection of many tea & coffee shops which don’t allow dogs at all, so if we want to have a coffee or a piece a cake in a nice place along with our dog was extremely difficult and challenging in many cities.

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All of the sudden, everything started to change when Specialty Coffee Shops begun to flourish in many cities around Europe, where the fact of having a dog as a companion was not a problem anymore, actually they were also very welcome to come in, but at the same time we have the opportunity to enjoy a super delicious and high quality coffee along with super healthy pastries, vegan options, and all sort of toasts in very nice a beautiful places. 

It’s been the answer to all our prayers as Dog Parents, finally there were places where we were welcome as a furry family and we were also enjoying great coffee and food.

So, what is Specialty Coffee? 

According to The Specialty Coffee Association, defines specialty coffee in its green stage as coffee that is free of primary defects, has no quakers, is properly sized and dried, presents in the cup free of faults and taints and has distinctive attributes. In practical terms this means that the coffee must be able to pass aspect grading and cupping tests.

Speciality Coffee as a term was first used in 1974 by Erna Knutsen in an issue of Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. Knutsen used specialty coffee to describe beans of the best flavour which are produced in special micro-climates.

Most of the coffee shops, we have listed on our Dog Travel Guide are Specialty Coffee, so you can easily find them downloading our App.

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San Bernardo

San Bernardo, es una raza de perro originaria de los Alpes suizos y del norte