International Cynological Federation Standard Nº: 204
Date of publication of the standard of origin in force: 05.26.1982
Country of origin: Spain

Brief history

It is a breed of trail dog native to the extreme north of the Iberian Peninsula.

Known already in the late Middle Ages, it is masterfully described in the «Book of Hunting» by King Alfonso XI (14th century) as well as by Argote de Molina (1582) and numerous classical authors.

During these centuries, Spanish hounds were used above all in hunting bears and wild boar in the Hunting Game. Its use as a blood dog was very widespread among hunters dedicated to the art of crossbows.

The Spanish Hound is the great specialist in hunting hares «by return» and is extremely effective in the blood trail.

If the Spanish Hound puppy has been trained through positive and progressive methods to being left alone, it will be able to tolerate the (brief) absences of its owners. However, he needs a firm, patient and assiduous education given his stubborn temperament.

It is important to note that he is not very sociable and his natural distrust of strangers makes him a good guardian.

It is not recommended for first time owners.