Sappi App: The Application To Improve Animal Welfare Through Food.

Sappi App, the animal feed application that seeks to improve animal welfare, makes its official launch

The day has come! After several months of hard work and beta version, the official launch of Sappi App has arrived. It is an animal feed application that seeks to improve the comprehensive well-being of four-legged companions, providing information to those responsible about the components and properties of food products.

From now on, users will be able to access the application for free download for Android devices in the Google Play Store. In its version 1.2.0, the tool offers the possibility of knowing, in a friendly and simple way, the nutritional components of more than 5,000 products that are already part of its database.

How does Sappi App work?

After downloading the application and creating an account, users will have access to consultation tools such as a barcode reader and an integrated search engine. With both functionalities, you can scan labels or write the names of the products to obtain instant results on their properties and the nutritional assessment of the Sappi Score, in a graphical and friendly format to facilitate their understanding.

The calculation of the Sappi Score

Among the many advantages that Sappi App offers, is the scoring of food products for dogs and cats through the Sappi Score, a value derived from the Sappi Formula, in which elements such as the type of processing, the analytical composition are considered. and the quality of the raw material, for the extraction of a result in 3 levels from lowest to highest nutritional contribution.

The design of the Sappi measurement model has been carried out with the contribution of experts in animal nutrition and following the parameters established by regulatory bodies such as FEDIAF in Europe and AFFCO in the United States. All this, with the purpose of making objective and balanced information available to those responsible for pets, which helps them to effectively decipher the composition of food and encourage better decision-making.

Sappi’s future

Anna Parellada and Toni Ayuste, co-founders of Sappi, define the project as a movement that begins its journey with Sappi App, the first step to become a reference community open to the participation of all those committed to animal welfare.

Sappi App has more than 5000 products in its database, which continues to grow every day thanks to the work of its team and the “sappiers”, the name given to the users of the application. And although at the moment they only have a presence in Spain, Sappi is expected to land in other countries in Europe and Latin America very soon.

How is Sappi financed?

Sappi is an independent project, which has been fully funded by its founders Anna and Toni. Objectivity is one of the pillars of the project, and for this reason they have assumed the commitment not to receive financing from animal food brands.

To guarantee their independence, they have launched #BecomeASappier, an initiative promoted to attract the support of users who wish to contribute and receive early adopter benefits, beta access, discounts on partner products and services, as well as information on the movement’s roadmap Sappi.

At the moment, the application is already available for free download on Android devices. It is expected that in the coming weeks, it will also be accessible for iOS through the Apple App Store.

Source: Agencies / Press releases / Sappi Press

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