Route of the hermitage of the Virgen de Montesinos

It is a very easy route of between 6 and 11 kilometers (depending on the option we choose from the ones I explain below) that runs along the bank of the Arandilla river and its canyon until it reaches the Montesinos hermitage.

We leave Madrid on the A-2 towards Zaragoza. Upon reaching the town of Alcolea del Pinar (Guadalajara) we take the exit that takes us towards Molina de Aragón along the N-211, along which we will circulate 30 kilometers until we reach Mazarete, where we will take the detour onto the CM-2120 road following the indications to Cobeta.

Once in Cobeta we have two options: leave the car in the town and continue walking or take the indications to Corduente and Zaorejas on the GU-951 road. If we choose to use the car a little more, we will continue for about 2.5 kilometers along that same road (it is little traveled and in the process of resurfacing) until we park the car in one of the marked car parks. From there we will start walking towards Zaorejas until we cross the Arandilla river bridge. As soon as we cross it, we take the forest track that goes to the left along the side of the river towards Torremocha del Pinar.

The walk can be done at any time of year, although I recommend doing it in spring and autumn, since in winter it can be difficult to get to the town due to the snowfalls and very intense frosts that occur in the area, and in summer the heat can be an inconvenience for our furry friends, despite the fact that most of the way is made between pine forests and has a lot of shade.

Throughout the tour we can enjoy the small waterfalls that the river makes and, in the melting season and in spring, the different streams (small but beautiful) created by the water that flows from the mountain. In addition, the impressive cuts that the river has been carving over thousands of years are impressive.

After almost three kilometers of walking we will reach our destination: a small hermitage embedded in a canyon that at first sight is impressive. There we have a few picnic tables to spend the day (it must be remembered that bathing in the river is not allowed).

For those less daring to walk, it must be said that there is a parking lot closer to the hermitage, practically next door, but the charm of the walk and the enjoyment of the murmur of the river water will be lost.

Borja Martínez 



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