Requirements To Travel With Animals From One Country To Another.

When you want to travel from one country to another with an animal, it must be accompanied by different documents that vary depending on the type of animal and the country of destination, so it is advisable to always consult with the Consulate of each country since the Required requirements may vary according to different epidemiological situations or the approval of new specific regulations in each country.

A. If you intend to travel with a dog, cat or ferret from Spain to a country of the European Union, it is necessary for the animal to travel accompanied by its corresponding Veterinary Passport.

In the case that the country of destination is the United Kingdom, the specific requirements necessary for the entry of pets in that country can be consulted at

B. If you intend to travel with an animal from Spain to a country outside the EU or you want to enter Spain from a country outside the EU, you must consult the requirements at the Ministry of the Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs (MARM) , which has a Service on its Website that allows you to select from a menu the type of animal you want to travel with (from Spain or to Spain) and the country of destination or origin. Once these data have been entered, clicking on the «Search» option gives access to a pdf document («MARM Information»), where all the necessary requirements appear

On December 29, 2014, new rules on travel and pet passports for EU citizens traveling within or outside the EU came into force, the main points of interest of which are highlighted in a document “Questions and frequent responses ”(SEE), prepared by the European Veterinary Federation (FVE).

When traveling outside the EU, the veterinary passport that only serves for intra-community travel is not valid. For transfers outside the EU, you must obtain an “Official Export Certificate” for the animal, for which you must come with a “Veterinary Health Certificate” issued by a registered veterinarian (it is no longer necessary to carry out the signature legitimation procedure in the College of Veterinarians) to one of the offices that issue Official Export Certificates in the Community of Madrid:

Functional Area of ​​Agriculture

C / García de Paredes, 65 – 3º Pta. 28010-MADRID

Tl: 91 272 92 69/9137


Air Cargo Center-Madrid Barajas Airport

General Services Building. Office 243.

Avda. Hispanidad, s / n 28042 MADRID


Information for traveling with pets other than dogs, cats and ferrets, between EU countries:

Sub-directorate of Animal Health and Hygiene and Traceability Traceability and Intra-Community Movements Area

C / Almagro, 33


Source: Official College of Veterinarians of Madrid



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