Rabies Vaccination Campaign 2021

Legislation in the Community of Madrid requires vaccinating against rabies once a year in the case of dogs. When you make an appointment for the annual vaccination, do not forget to also ask for deworming for your pet.

Keep in mind that it is also mandatory that the animal is identified with a microchip before vaccination, so if it does not have a microchip (whether it is a cat, dog or ferret), the chip would have to be previously implanted.

Rabies is a zoonosis that can be transmitted to humans by bites from dogs, cats, or bats. We remind you that the rabies vaccine in dogs is mandatory annually in the region (it is recommended in cats, but not mandatory). Once the animal has been vaccinated, the health card will include a stamp that will refer to the vaccine applied (laboratory and batch) and another official from the Community of Madrid, as well as the date and signature of the acting veterinarian. Non-rabies vaccination of dogs will be considered a serious offense.

On the other hand, identification by chip, in the Community of Madrid is mandatory in dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits, from 3 months of age. The internal deworming of our animal is also recommended periodically. This viral disease that causes more than 59,000 deaths in humans a year, therefore, upon confirmation of a case of rabies in our country, the College of Veterinarians of Madrid, recalls the importance of vaccinating our pets against this dangerous disease, For which we must go to a nearby veterinary center, it is important to note that this vaccine is not mandatory in all the Autonomous Communities.

The World Health Organization promotes, together with other organizations, the «World Day Against Rabies» which is celebrated on September 28, a disease that affects more than 150 countries and causes the death of more than 59,000 people a year. 40% of people bitten by an animal suspected of suffering from rabies are children under 15 years of age.

For more information about this, always go to your veterinarian, who is the best person to advise you on this and other vaccines for your furry dog.