PetandTalk’s online vet reduces spending on pet doctor visits by 4 times

Consultations are instantaneous, without prior appointment or waiting, and have a fixed cost of € 9.99, including weekend and night hours. An unlimited use subscription service will be launched shortly for € 14.99 / month

In Spain, 40% of households have a pet, and it is estimated that on average the annual expenditure on their care is around 1,200 euros, which translates into a notable pinch for the domestic economy. Part of this budget is allocated to visits to the vet, the average cost of which is around 40 euros per visit. However, many of these visits could be solved online, applying a much lower cost and at the same time reducing the worries of caregivers and the stress that pets suffer on the move. This is exactly what PetandTalk achieves, the Spanish startup that uses technology to optimize the veterinary service and reduces up to four times the cost of traditional consultations.

The company, launched at the end of 2020, bases its service on a web platform in which the caregiver registers their pet, providing key data such as age, breed, etc. Next, a veterinary team is assigned to accompany the animal throughout its life, carrying out a personalized follow-up at each stage of its development, attending to its emergencies or specific needs but also controlling its vaccination schedule or its periodic check-ups, giving advice on feeding, care, etc.

“We do not want PetandTalk to be reduced to a one-time consultation, as other platforms offer. We want to be the ‘family veterinarian’ who is there for everything that is needed, with immediate availability at any time and day of the week, so that pets can be cared for at all times, but putting this option within reach of the pocket of any citizen ”, explains Pol Álvarez, CEO and co-founder of the company.

Fixed cost to avoid surprises

Consultations with PetandTalk have a fixed cost of 9.99 euros, with no extra cost on weekends or at night. When needed, the caregiver can connect to the platform using a smartphone or computer and contact a professional, to whom he can send photos or videos through chat if he requires it to better analyze the case. In a matter of seconds, the owner will initiate a conversation with a veterinarian who will clarify his doubts and can alleviate the situation of his pet. Likewise, when the expert deems it necessary for it to be attended to in person, he will recommend a visit to a veterinary center.

“We do not intend to replace physical veterinarians, but to be a complementary service that provides peace of mind to caregivers. In the same way that today, due to the pandemic, many medical consultations are being carried out by phone or videoconference, we believe that this is fully applicable to pets. Our professionals have an average of 12 years of clinical experience, and without a doubt they will recommend the best for the welfare of the animal, including a visit to a physical center if required ”, says José Llorens, CMO and co-founder of PetandTalk.

Currently the platform has registered more than 2,000 pets from all over Spain. As for the consultations made, they are very varied, related to health, nutrition or behavior, the most frequent being those related to dermatological problems, wounds or intestinal problems. In 90% of the cases, PetandTalk veterinarians were able to resolve the cases without the need for referral to a facility.

“A caregiver goes on average between 3 and 4 times a year to the vet, although there is 20% who visit him between 6 and 10 times a year. What we want is to balance the scale, help those who do not go for financial reasons or lack of time, and save time and money for those who go continuously. We have caregivers who have been connected two weeks later to thank us for the advice they received, since they had invested hundreds of euros for the same problem ”, emphasizes Pol Álvarez.

Upcoming news: monthly subscription and mobile app

The company plans to soon launch a subscription service for 14.99 euros / month that will allow users to make all the queries they need, as well as receive personalized plans and guidelines on diets and behaviors, with their corresponding monitoring. Likewise, the Petandtalk app will be available at the end of the year, to further facilitate access to the service for caregivers.

The objective of the startup, which is currently in the process of closing its first investment round and hiring more professionals for its team, is to progressively expand its services to encompass all those related to the welfare and care of pets, including the creation of a national network of associated veterinary centers and the signing of agreements with insurers and companies that offer other services for pets. Its forecasts aim to consolidate itself as leaders in the Spanish market by the end of 2022 and begin its international expansion.

Photo: Petandtalk.



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