Paw Paternity Leave

Pets enrich our lives and are already treated as a member of the family by many. But like all living things, they require time, attention and care, especially when we bring them into our homes for the first time.

This reality is driving one of the most recent and innovative trends in corporate employment benefits. What is known as canine paternal leave or in English Pawternity Leave.

Dog Dad and his paw-son.

This social benefit recognizes the increasingly important role that pets play in the lives of workers. by giving them free time or flexibility specifically to take care of them when they are puppies and we bring them to a new home, or also in difficult moments of mourning, when one of our beloved life companions leaves us.

The number one argument why some companies in the United States have adopted this pet-related policy is that it increases employee morale by making workers feel loved and cared for by their companies.

It shows humanity and recognizes the important role pets play in many people’s lives, resulting in increased employee productivity and retention. And that is very good for any company or business, no matter how small.

Giving someone time to bond with your puppy or mourning at home after death can improve productivity and cultivate loyalty. After all, employees appreciate it when companies show concern for their well-being.

This concept and / or benefit has not yet been regulated in Spain, but seeing the trend in the population and the increase in pets in Spanish homes, we do not believe that it will take long for the debate to begin.