Pamplona with dog

Pamplona, ​​capital of the Foral Community of Navarra, is a very beautiful city to visit, which has an enviable historical and gastronomic heritage, as well as being a small city with many things to enjoy.

As some of you know, Pamplona became popular, through its San Fermín festivities, when Hemingway visited the city. In fact, he himself described them in 1924 in these terms.

“Pamplona is an elegant city located on a plateau between the mountains of Navarra. The best land I have ever seen. ”It can be said that, although Sanfermines were already big parties, Hemingway made them universal.

Despite being such a beautiful city and with so much history, it is not the most dog-friendly in Spain, in fact, by municipal ordinance, dogs are prohibited from entering all sites, without allowing the establishments to decide if they can let in. furry and taking into account that the climate is not one that allows you to enjoy many terraces during the year.

From what we have investigated there is an initiative, pending approval to change this ordinance and that would make Pamplona one of the European cities where dogs are welcome, to this day, it still cannot and it is a pity that you cannot enjoy some pintos with your dog, as if you can do it in San Sebastián, Bilbao, Vitoria, Barcelona, ​​and Madrid among many others.

Despite this, interesting routes can be made, as long as the weather allows it through the parks and the walls. Pamplona also preserves an Old Town of medieval layout formed by three boroughs, Navarrería, San Cernin and the town of San Nicolás, which were united in 1423 when Carlos III issued the Privilege of the Union, a good plan is to buy a coffee to take and visit its streets and emblematic buildings.

The walls and the Citadel of Pamplona

Declared a National Monument and with more than 5 kilometers of route, the walls and the Citadel of Pamplona constitute one of the most interesting and best preserved Renaissance military complexes in Europe, being one of the most important tourist resources in the city. There you can see many people walking with their dogs. The citadel has a green belt that today is known as Vuelta del Castillo

Gardens of the Belle Epoque

The collapse of the wall meant the expansion of Pamplona and the birth of a new concept of urbanism with garden designs such as Media Luna and Taconera, in a modernist style.

Yamaguchi and Garden of the Galaxy

The city expanded around the Camino de Santiago and opted for the conversion of industrial spaces into green areas, giving rise to parks such as Yamaguchi, in Japanese style

River Park

In the 1980s, the recovery of the riverbanks gave rise to the Arga Fluvial Park, a space that, together with the gardens of the university campuses, forms a walk of more than 25 kilometers.

It is to be hoped that the city of Pamplona adapts to the new times and soon we will be able to enjoy more spaces together with our furry friends.



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