Mobility with a dog in town.

We share a very interesting article from the DGT, about dogs and the responsibility that this implies when moving around the city and by car.


As a pedestrian and responsible for our dog, we must have clear concepts:

• Calzada: Part of the road dedicated to the circulation of vehicles.

• Pedestrian zone: Parts of the road reserved for pedestrians, are the sidewalks, platforms, walkways and shelters.

• Pipi-can: Area for dogs so that they can relieve themselves.

• Green areas: Parks and gardens for the recreation of citizens.

Bike lane: Area for the exclusive use of bicycles.


• Carrying the dog loose, they can cause discomfort, accidents or be run over.

• Carry the dog on a leash but with extendable leashes that do not allow its control in a safe way.

• Failure to comply with municipal regulations, which is what regulates the keeping of dogs, among other animals.

• Walk near curbs with dogs.

• Abandon him, if for some insurmountable reason we must separate from him, we have to find someone to take care of the dog, abandoning him is the cause of accidents and annoyances.

• Cross the street outside the authorized places. Walk with the dog along bike paths.

Bringing the dog loose inside the vehicle, as it can annoy or distract the driver from it and cause accidents.


• When we acquire a dog or any other animal, we also acquire the commitment to care for it, being also responsible for its behavior. Therefore, if we cannot take care of it properly, we must find someone to take care of it, or take it to a Humane Society.

• We must always respect the regulations governing the keeping of dogs and other animals.

• The dog must always be tied and controlled when we circulate through the pedestrian zone, since being an animal it can have unpredictable reactions.

• The dog must go through the area closest to the buildings in the event that we circulate close to the road, without disturbing other pedestrians.

• We must cross the street with the dog in authorized places, that is, where the pedestrian does.

When we travel with dogs inside the vehicle, a separator will be placed to prevent it from causing discomfort or being a cause of distraction.


Dogs classified as potentially dangerous must also wear a muzzle.

Like motor vehicles, dogs must be perfectly documented (insurance, circulation permit, ITV, etc.), our dog must have the following documents:

1- Health card

2- Census plate

3- Identification chip

4- Civil liability insurance (When applicable).

We hope that this information can be of use to you, as always common sense and affection for our animals is what makes the difference in everything. We leave you links in case you want to go deeper into this.

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