Dog Hotel

All our dog rooms are individual (unless they are from the same family) and have an interior and exterior part with a wonderful terrace for spring, summer and autumn. Of course, in winter they have heating.
In all the rooms we put a rigid crib where to place your blanket or bed and toys and teethers, this, together with the ambient music (bird chirps, frogs croak, sound of rain and classical music) makes it easier for all the furry ones to feel calm and at ease.

Cat Hotel

The feline residence is a space made by and for our cat guests. Recently completely renovated, it is an area full of toys, ramps, nooks, elevated areas and soft corners, hidden smells that we keep changing and music from nature. In the catio (cat + patio pun) they enjoy smells, sounds and beautiful sights outdoors, as well as taking relaxing sun baths.


Senda Coronillas 18 bajo, 26370 Navarrete, La Rioja

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  • 17 September 2021 07:05 local time

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