Veterinary clinic “Alessandra” is the first private veterinary clinic in Ex-Yugoslavia. It was founded in 1993, just when the Law on Private Veterinary Practice passed. The first location of the veterinary ambulance was in Vardarska Street at Vracar municipality in Belgrade. From the beginning, our guide was to be a service for pets offering a high quality, humane and ethical treatment for every patient.

Strategy and meaning of our work throughout all these years has been improvement of veterinary-medical care for animals with usage of salable equipment, treatment, procedure and drugs. In addition, our ambition does not end here. In the world of breeders and kinology, veterinary clinic “Alessandra” always has been in the middle of attention, gathering great breeders of German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Great Danes…

Permanent collaboration of our veterinarians and kinologist breeders with their colleagues from Italy, Germany, Denmark and Slovenia, attending vocational seminars, educational courses and congresses abroad enable us to be in contemporary trends of veterinary medicine. Our experience and dedication are the best recommendations for our work.


6 VAROVNICKA, 11050, Belgrade (Zvezdara), Belgrade county, Serbia

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