Lisbon with dog

Every day cities in Europe are adapting to a new reality, which is tourism with dogs. More and more people and multi-species families travel together and that is why both the hospitality industry and cities have been adapting to this new reality.

This week we want to tell you about our experience in Lisbon, a beautiful city, capital of Portugal and very close to visit if you do it from Spain.

Portugal is known for its fantastic gastronomy, its streets and colors, as well as its impressive cultural heritage. It is an urban destination where you can escape with your dog and enjoy one of the capitals of Europe.

What if we warn you is that you are not going to stop going up and down slopes, that is why it is known as the “city of the 7 hills”. Although you will find so many terraces where you can recharge your batteries that the effort will be worth it, especially if you are going to enjoy a Belem Cake.

The best-known pastry shops are in the Belem neighborhood, which is also the area where the Palácio Nacional de Belém is located, the current residence of the President of the Republic. In the Belém neighborhood there is also the Jerónimos Monastery and many terraces and parks.


In Lisbon, as in many other cities, most museums do not allow dogs, but you can combine those visits in which you will have to go alone with others walking through the streets and squares.

As for bars and restaurants, there are no problems, due to the approval of a law in 2018 that allows dogs to enter restaurants and other commercial establishments, the owners of which have to decide whether or not to admit them. .

In our guide you can find proposals for restaurants and cafes where you can go quietly with your furry, although being a city with so many terraces it is easy to enjoy a good meal or a good wine next to your best friend.



Another good option, are the viewpoints, where you can be with your dogs and enjoy the views of this wonderful city, our recommendations are the Mirador Nuestra Señora del Monte, one of the highest in the city from where you can see the Tagus River , the Church of Gracia, the Castle of San Jorge and the traditional Mouraria neighborhood.


As for public transport, it is a gray area, in principle you can go up with a dog as long as the rules are respected and that it is on a leash, but we have come across the situation that they have not let us get on a tram, I suppose it depends on the driver and the size of the dog.


As for accommodation, whenever Iker and I travel we try to rent an apartment, to be more comfortable, and in most cases they accept dogs. There are also hotels that you can find in our canine guide, but our recommendation is an apartment, in the Belém area, very close to everything and with a park in front of the Presidential Palace where you can take your dog.

In our case, we have always searched for them on the Airbnb platform.


Very close to Lisbon, it is worth visiting Cascais, Estoril Estoril, Azenhas de Mar, Sintra and its Natural Park, Nazaré and Alenquer where you can do the Alenquer – Monte de Montejunco Route and explore everything with your dog.

We used to spend the afternoons in Cascais in the town enjoying the cool on the terraces after a day of walking.

You are going to love Lisbon and it is also a good, beautiful and cheap destination. We leave you some photos of our trip so you cheer up.



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