First Virtual Race in Madrid for Rescue Dogs «Perrotón 2020».

This year is the ninth edition of Perrotón Madrid. However this time  it will be held “virtually” due to health restrictions for the COVID19’s pandemia. This will be the first virtual race where the adoption and responsible ownership of animals is going to be claimed.

On Sunday, October 11, 2020 at 10:00 am CET the 1st edition of the Race will take place with a distance of 4 km, in which the participants, accompanied by their dogs, will be able to make the route chosen by them, from any point of the Spanish geography and the different cities around the world, ALWAYS KEEPING A SOCIAL DISTANCE, advised by the competent health authorities in each country.

Perrotón 2020 will allocate 30% of the registration fee for the race to the national non-profit association Perrotón, whose objective is to carry out sterilisation, castration, prevention of leishmaniasis campaigns, etc., especially aimed at pet’s charities which do not have enough resources to carry it out.

This virtual race is also a wake-up call against animal abuse and the consequent abandonment of dogs..

If you want to participate and collaborate in this amazing initiative, check the link below. 

Perrotón Madrid

Super Paws Team



San Bernardo

San Bernardo, es una raza de perro originaria de los Alpes suizos y del norte