Everything You Need To Know About Potentially Dangerous Dogs

n 1999, LAW 50/1999, of December 23, on the Legal Regime of the Possession of Potentially Dangerous Animals, was published in the BOE, which was later developed by ROYAL DECREE 287/2002, of March 22.

According to this regulation, the following will be considered potentially dangerous dogs:

Those that belong to the breeds listed in Annex I of the Royal Decree and their crosses.

Those whose characteristics correspond to all or most of those listed in Annex II.

And those animals of the canine species that show a markedly aggressive character or that have carried out attacks on people or other animals.

For the possession of any animals classified as potentially dangerous under this Law, the prior obtaining of an administrative license will be required, which will be granted by the City Council of the municipality of residence of the applicant. For this, the following requirements, among others, must be met:

Be of age

Not having been convicted of crimes …

Not having been sanctioned for serious or very serious offenses …

Have physical capacity and psychological aptitude for the possession of potentially dangerous animals, which must be demonstrated by obtaining the corresponding certificates, issued by the duly authorized Recognition Centers.

Proof of having formalized civil liability insurance for damage to third parties with a coverage of not less than one hundred and twenty thousand euros (120,000 E).

If you have a dog that by breed or appearance is or can be PPP, inform your veterinarian and register it as such; This way you will be more covered against possible incidents.



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