El Corte Inglés dog friendly

I want to tell you about the pleasant experience I had at El Corte Inglés this week. I was about to do some shopping, and since I am always accompanied by my dog, I did not know for sure if they were allowed or not. The fact is that upon entering the English Court of Callao in Madrid, the person who was at the door welcomed us with a friendly smile and a great relief filled our body, mine and that of my dog. Many of you know how stressful and frustrating it is to feel the rejection of “dogs are not allowed”.

We went to the second floor where I had to buy some parts for my camera, and the kindness of the El Corte Inglés employees, towards me and my pet, left me with my mouth open, we were not only welcome but also they pampered my dog.

I did the shopping I had to do with the peace of mind I needed to find the best parts for my camera. Nothing more than to thank this company, that it has a dog friendly policy and its attitude for all those who have pets and make our lives with them.

From what I understand, El Corte Inglés changed its policy in all its establishments since August 1, 2019, where from that date pets were welcomed, but you have to follow some rules that are the following:

Pets that may enter El Corte Inglés must not exceed ten kilos in weight and carry a leash, which in the case of dogs, must not exceed one meter in length. Another important aspect to note is that you can only take one pet per person. In the case that it is a cat or other pet, it must be in a carrier and identified with its corresponding microchip. Entrance to areas where food is sold, cafeteria or restaurant area is not allowed.

At the moment it is a great step and the truth is to be appreciated, little by little Spain begins to modernize its regulations, getting closer to our European neighbors such as France, Germany, Holland, Italy and all the Scandinavian countries.