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We have been traveling through Iker in the north and you could not miss Donostia, a wonderful city in the Basque Country, located on the coast of the Bay of Biscay and 20 kilometers from the border with France.

The first thing you see when you arrive in San Sebastián is the beach of La Concha that invites you to take a walk, I will enjoy the air and the smell of the ocean, As you well know, San Senastían is known for its elegance, cleanliness and what is most important for us is that it is extremely dog ​​friendly.

It is one of those cities where walking, sightseeing or simply doing a daily life with your dog is no problem, they are always welcome.

It has three beaches, one of them on La Concha beach where you can walk with your dogs, although we were very close to Ondarreta beach and in the mornings you can see many people with their dogs on the beach taking a walk . We have no doubt that the people of Donostia are animal lovers.

There is also Zurriola beach, very frequented by surfers. Keep in mind that you have to bring the dogs on a leash, although in practice you can see many that are loose, but under the watchful eye of their guides.

Donosti is a very easy city to get around either by walking or by public transport. Needless to say, dogs can also make use of buses.

One of the walks that we really liked was Urgull, which is the mountain that can be seen in all the images of San Sebastián, along with the castle of La Mota and the Christ. It is a good place to spend the afternoon, the dogs really enjoy sniffing and especially the views.

Another of the activities that you cannot miss in SS is going out for a walk in the old part, the streets are full of bars and you can enjoy a very pleasant atmosphere, always in the company of your dog, since they are welcome. It is a joy, knowing that you have that freedom, but not only that, the waiters and the people in general are very friendly and above all they make you feel from Donostia without being one.

We were also in the area of ​​the fishing port, you have impressive views and a very relaxed atmosphere where you can walk and have a drink.

Regarding accommodation, most accept dogs, although there are certain restrictions on size and quantity. We stayed at the NH Collection San Sebastián Aránzazu Hotel, we found a good offer and we stayed there. It is very close to Ondarreta beach and above all they are super friendly with dogs, as soon as you arrive they bring you a bed to make them comfortable, although Iker likes my bed more than the dog beds.

San Sebastian, is a city with culture, gastronomy and above all, very dog ​​friendly where the whole multi-species family can spend a great vacation, I encourage you to visit it.



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