Dog´s Day

From IKER The Traveling Dog, we want to pay tribute to all the furry ones who keep us company and give us that unconditional affection, that only they, as beings without evil, give us freely without cracks.

Dogs have lived with us since the beginning of civilization. They have been and are helpers, watchmen, shepherds, freighters, players, caretakers, competitors, hunters and fishermen, companions, guides and above all: friends.

Every July 21, World Dog Day is celebrated, a world anniversary that was created in 2004.

Now, the objective of World Dog Day is not only to remind us of one of the best friends of our childhood and perhaps our best friend today, without also raising awareness about abandonment and animal abuse, which is unfortunate still a scourge in our country.

Today there are approximately 300 million dogs in the world, with a wide variety of breeds and sizes, all very loving and willing to serve their masters in unimaginable ways.

The data show that in Spain only 26% of Spaniards have a dog, compared to 36% in the United States.

Today we have police dogs, fire dogs, guide dogs and companion dogs. We also find them on social networks, being a boom on Instagram, since they pose for selfies like great artists.

Let’s celebrate this day, giving them pampering, affection and above all time, since it is what they most seek from us.



San Bernardo

San Bernardo, es una raza de perro originaria de los Alpes suizos y del norte