Dogs and snow

For dogs, a white field filled with soft snow is nothing more than a place for games and fun.

The routine walk became something new and very exciting.

These few moments of surprise in front of this new sight are enough for the dogs to start sniffing, tasting, digging, and wallowing in the snow.

Although snow should be fun for everyone, we must take into account some aspects that can affect the well-being of our furry friend.
Some tips on dogs and snow.

1- Eating snow is not too dangerous for dogs. However, if we notice that our friend is having a party full of snow, it is recommended that we call him immediately. In fact, excessive ingestion of snow can cause serious irritation of the mucous membranes and, in some cases, these consequences can be very serious.

2- The great emotion of playing on ice can be misleading, since we must not forget that ice is always lurking for both the animal and the owner. A simple slip can cause trauma or twisting of the limbs, as well as consequences on the spine. Making sure the ground is not frozen is the smartest way to prevent these types of accidents.

3- Beware of excessive cold in some breeds it can also be dangerous. Small dogs with not very thick hair are naturally predisposed to experience the cold much more. If this is the case, wearing a coat can provide additional protection to keep them warm.


Dog paws are a very delicate and sensitive area. It can happen that the snow accumulates in small icy lumps that in the long run can cause discomfort to our dog. To remove them, simply run your hand gently between the animal’s legs.

. There are some petroleum jelly-based creams that act as water repellants and protect the paws from cracking and irritation due to cold or salt. In this sense: if the dog has walked on a path strewn with salt, remember once at home to thoroughly rinse the paws with plain water.

If you have any doubts or discomfort, go to your veterinarian.



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