Dog Father’s Day

Happy day to all dog parents!

This Friday, March 19, a day more than commemorative is celebrated in Spain, such as Father’s Day, and therefore also the day of the dog father.

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As for the origin of this celebration, we go back to 1948 when it was decided to commemorate Father’s Day in Spain for the first time. The history and origin of this celebration is completely linked to the life of a woman and a school. Manuela Vicente Ferrero, a teacher by profession, decided to celebrate this day with her students at the Belmonte neighborhood school, located in Madrid’s Dehesa de la Villa.

In Spain this special day is celebrated in honor of Saint Joseph, father of Jesus.

The teacher came to organize a mass, a festival and asked her students to prepare some crafts to give to her parents. The chosen date was March 19, the day of San José. The teacher Manuela considered San José a model of an ideal father.

The autonomous communities where it is a holiday are the Community of Madrid, the Basque Country, Galicia, Extremadura, the Valencian Community, Melilla, Navarra and the Region of Murcia.

In addition, in the Valencian Community it is a very special day since, in addition to being Father’s Day, it is the day on which the Fallas are burned.



San Bernardo

San Bernardo, es una raza de perro originaria de los Alpes suizos y del norte