Deutscher Boxer

The Boxer is a medium to large breed of short-haired dog, developed in Germany.

The ancestors of the Boxer, the war dogs of the Assyrian empire, date back to 2500 BC. But what we know today as Boxer dates back to late 19th and early 20th century Germany.

The Boxer was bred from the Old English Bulldog and the now-extinct Bullenbeisser, which became extinct through interbreeding rather than a decline in the breed.

In medieval times, Bullenbeisser was Germany’s leading big game hunter, used by nobles to catch and hold off such formidable opponents as bears, bison, and wild boar on vast ducal estates.

In 1894, three Germans by the names of Friedrich Robert, Elard König, and R. Höpner decided to stabilize the breed and display it at a dog show.

This was done in Munich in 1896, and the year before the founding of the first Boxer Club, the Deutsche Boxer Club.

Although they are large, Boxers are not «outdoor dogs». Their short noses and short hair make them uncomfortable in hot and cold weather, and they need to be kept as domestic dogs.

Boxers are high-energy dogs and need a lot of exercise. Make sure you have the time and energy to give them the play and activity that they really need.

Boxers drool a lot. Boxers also snore loudly.

Boxers are very loyal to their family and love to play with them, but they are also stubborn, especially if you try to use harsh training methods on them.

Over the years, boxers have done many jobs, such as cattle dog, police dog, war dog (in both world wars), guard dog, protection dog, and guide dog for the blind.



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