Decathlon allows dogs to enter.

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One of the very pleasant surprises that we have taken this week when I was shopping, and as you well know, always accompanied by my dog, is that in the Decathlon of Calle de Fuencarral 45 (Madrid) dogs are allowed to enter, without no problems. In fact I was on the verge of not going, wondering what they would say to me and I would not be able to buy the sports socks I needed.

But the surprise was to hear “of course the dogs can enter” and in addition to that warm welcome the boys and girls from the store played with Iker.

Some of you will think, when reading these lines, that I am exaggerating and that it is not so bad, but those of us who have a dog and try to make our lives and daily routine with them, we find many difficulties when accessing certain sites So when they welcome you and they don’t give you a bad face or any kind of restriction, it’s like they gave us a candy.

I was learning about Decathlon’s policy regarding pets, most stores allow dogs to enter, although each store operates individually. The final decision of whether or not to allow pets in a store is given by the manager or manager of each store.

In any case, in the Community of Madrid, these are the stores that allow it, although it is always good to ask, since both regulations and municipal ordinances change. Alcalá, Leganés, Castellana, Xanadú, Alcorcón, San Fernando, Getafe, Rivas, Orense, Fuencarral, Quevedo, Plenilunio, Atocha, Goya, Arenal and Bravo Murillo.

Remember that they must go on a leash.

Little by little we see more public places where the entry of dogs is beginning to be allowed and tolerated, although there is still much to do, since there is a majority that still has a negative view of dogs in common spaces.

Bravo and congratulations to Decathlon for this great detail to the dog parents and moms.

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