Charlotte Maxwell-Jones, the American who fights to evacuate staff and animals from her veterinary clinic and shelter in Kabul.

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The situation in Kabul and the evacuation is affecting many people and also their animals, the founders of two animal rescue organizations in Afghanistan are fighting to ensure the evacuation and safety of dozens of staff members and hundreds of animals after the takeover of Kabul by the Taliban.

Charlotte Maxwell-Jones, American founder and president of Kabul Small Animal Rescue, which is the first clinic of its kind founded by women in Afghanistan, has been working for months to evacuate the animals that her organization has saved in Afghanistan, but it is the your workers’ safety is what you are most concerned about at this time.

Approximately 35 people work at Kabul Small Animal Rescue, one third of whom are women. Taking into account their families, Charlotte is trying to get about 125 people out of the country, and about 250 animals, even though the Taliban have asked her to leave without them, she will wait until her workers, as well as dogs and cats that he rescues may also come out.

At the time of writing this article, the situation is dramatic, since she still does not have the permits to take the animals out.

To know more about Kabul Small Animal Rescue and Charlotte, this is the link of the account on Facebook.

Photos: Kabul Small Animal Rescue

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