Captain Max von Stephanitz

What do we know about this Captain?

Max von Stephanitz was born in Dresden, Kingdom of Saxony, part of the German nobility, he was also a career cavalry officer and spent some time serving at the Berlin Veterinary College.

In the last years of the 19th century, his mission was to develop the ideal German Shepherd. Von Stephanitz along with other breeders crossed various strains from the northern and central districts of Germany, resulting in the ancestors of today’s German Shepherd Dog (GSD)

Von Stephanitz co-founded the world’s first club dedicated to GSDs and spent 35 years promoting and perfecting the breed.

The German Shepherd Dog (Deutshe Schäferhund) descends from the family of German Shepherd Dogs which, until the late 19th century, varied in type from district to district.

In England, the dog was renamed the Alsatian Wolfdog, in honor of the Franco-German border area of ​​Alsace-Lorraine. The AKC returned to using the original German Shepherd name in 1931; The British Kennel Club took until 1977 to do the same.

German Shepherds are active and intelligent dogs. They must keep busy learning, playing, and working. Daily exercise, both physical and mental (such as training sessions), is essential.

If they are well trained and have had a lot of exposure to children, especially as puppies, a German Shepherd is a great companion for children. In fact, some say they are a cross between a babysitter and a policeman, both kind and protective of the children in their family.



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