Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier was originally developed in England in the 19th century as a fighting dog and later a fashionable companion for gentlemen, but today it is a companion and show and family dog. It is a breed of dog that is distinguished by its long, egg-shaped head.

Life with a Bull Terrier is always an experience. He is a «busy» dog from adolescence to middle age. The Bull Terrier is not content to spend long periods alone day after day; he wants to be with his people, doing what they are doing. He does best with an active family that can provide him with plenty of games. You also need someone to consistently (but kindly) enforce the house rules. Otherwise, it will make up its own rules. For that reason, it is not the best option for first time owners or people who are new to dogs.

Because they can be boisterous, Bull Terriers are not recommended for households with younger children, but with older children they are tireless playmates. They enjoy vigorous daily exercise, but they can be very destructive if they are bored. Successful training of a Bull Terrier requires a lot of patience, leadership, and consistency.

In 1860, a fan of the bull and terrier, James Hinks, began to create an all-white breed of dog. These new breed became an indispensable fashion companion for English gentlemen and were nicknamed «» White Cavalier «due to their courage in the dogfighting ring and their courtesy towards people. Although they are no longer used for fighting, White Bull Terriers still carry that nickname to this day, a tribute to their sweet disposition (which is of course shared by Colored Bull Terriers).



San Bernardo

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