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This summer of 2021, we begun the holidays season with a getaway to Bilbao, the capital of the province of Bizkaia in the Basque Country.

Since Iker and I are from the north, we knew it was a “Dog Friendly” destination, but what we had no idea was that it was super dog friendly. You can practically go anywhere with your dog, where it is very rare to see a table where there is not a dog sharing a pintxos or a vermouth with their human families.

In Bilbao you not only feel that freedom of being able to go out with your dog everywhere, but also the love that its inhabitants show for animals and how they do their daily lives along with them, from shopping to going to bars.

I would dare to say that it is one of the most dog friendly places in Spain.

We spent five days visiting the city, but making stops during the day to recharge our batteries with some pintxos. In Bilbao there is a wide variety of places to go with your dog for a drink. In the Old Town, any terrace is good to sit on and your furry friend will receive a bowl of fresh water all the time. even though if you don’t want to be on a terrace, because of the whether, either it’s raining or cold, you can be indoors, and they won’t tell you anything, as dogs are always welcome.

In case you are looking for an urban plan, Bilbao has many parks and green areas to play with your dog.

We leave you a list of places where you can go while you are visiting this beautiful city.

Doña Casilda Park is located in the heart of Bilbao next to the Museum of Fine Arts and a few meters from the estuary.
Etxebarria park in the Begoña district. It is located on one of the slopes of the valley that surrounds the city, so it has wonderful views of the Old Town.
Europa Park. It is a park designed by the architect Manuel Salina that stands out for its romantic essence. You will find ponds, sculptures, green areas and paved walks.
In the Recalde district is the Amézola park.

As regards, beaches and walks, half an hour from Bilbao, at the river mouth of the Ría Nervión, is the Muelle de Las Arenas, which has a walk along the sea that ends at Ereaga Beach. It is an ideal space to play in the sand with your dog, but keep in mind that it is not during the summer season. It is advisable to ask about the schedules, in case you travel in summer.

We encourage you to travel through the Basque Country and visit Bilbo.

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