Barakaldo Veterinary Store Launches Its Chondroprotector For Puppies

The chondroprotector for puppies MSM Barakaldo Plus is one of the latest products created by this veterinary store, designed to cover the specific situations in which the puppy needs an extra contribution to grow without problems in the joints

Chondroprotectors for dogs are dietary supplements of natural origin that are responsible for hydrating and nourishing the articular cartilage, which prevents it from degrading. Therefore, it helps the joints function properly and slows, or at least slows, the progression of arthritis among other diseases.

In addition to the main moisturizing effect, they help to improve joint mobility, favoring the elasticity and flexibility of muscles, ligaments and tendons, thus reducing discomfort derived from growth, specific injuries or age. Other essential assets prevent cell degradation, keeping tissues healthy and strong.

Puppy bone problems

While it may seem that chondroprotectors are more aimed at adult dogs, this is wrong. Puppies can also suffer from bone diseases for different reasons. For example, a poor diet – if it is a rescued dog, this problem may have to be dealt with.

Or very common, being a large breed of dog and suffering from a limp when growing, as happens with the German Shepherd. That although it heals by itself, as chondroprotectors are a natural element of the body, they can be provided as support and are not harmful.

Chondroprotector puppies MSM Barakaldo Plus

Barakaldo Veterinary Store has a wide variety of chondroprotectors, both from its own brand and from other manufacturers. And now it exclusively presents the Chondroprotector for puppies MSM Barakaldo Plus.

It is a natural nutritional supplement that helps the puppy’s growth, specifically, it contributes to the correct development of the musculoskeletal system. It includes the most effective active ingredients on the market for the reinforcement of cartilage that surround the joint, muscle regeneration and bone growth. In addition, they have enriched it with several other active ingredients, which support the development of the dog, such as essential fatty acids that contribute to cognitive development, increase the absorption of calcium in the bones and contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system.

Barakaldo Vet Shop products

Specializing in pet products, Barakaldo Veterinary Store has been betting on its own line of products for years, which can be purchased in its online store. With a total of 24 lines of work that include feed, shampoos, liver protectors and much more. Betting on quality at a good price for furry friends.

About Barakaldo Veterinary Store

In the online world since 2016, Barakaldo Veterinary Store is made up of a young and dynamic team and its priority is the well-being of pets. For this reason, it offers a comprehensive search, development, manufacture and sale of the products most demanded by customers. Marketing its own brand as well as the most relevant in the world of pets. With the best price guaranteed on the web.

Source: Press releases / Arkaitz Maroto



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