Are dog parks really good?

This week we have been talking about these issues with Javier Muñoyerro, who is the owner of Alto del Pago, a canine center and residence in Castilla y León, which is also dedicated to responsible Shiba Inu breeding.

For Javier, dog parks are a good invention for those who live in big cities and want their partner to enjoy the ball or playing with their four-legged friends, but the big question is that if taking our dog to a park, we are really meeting your needs.

The pipican has become a great human comfort, thought of humans more than dogs, where you go down from your house to that park that may be only 10 minutes away from where you live and once there, you let go of your friend and you stay so calm, while you pick up your mobile and enter the different social networks that we have today.

But in a pipican many things can happen that sometimes we do not take into consideration, such as a new dog entering, which is not usual to those we see every day, who is not entirely educated and who with an aggressive attitude wants to submit to the other dogs.

Javier tells us that there is a belief in many people, that in a situation like this, dogs understand each other, since if we do not notice a bite or physical aggression, we do not consider it as bad behavior, meanwhile, it is the animal that he is not getting a good education, simply because his owner is entertaining chatting with other people or on his social networks. Without realizing it, our dog will be taking some kind of trauma, since the itch is fenced and cannot escape from this bulling.

The vast majority of dogs that go to a pee do not even know the order to «come here», since as many believe, they are not going to escape and they will surely be enjoying themselves, so it is not necessary to teach them this.

Perhaps your dog does not want to go to the pee and face a stressful situation that many times his owner or guide does not even notice and that traumatizes him. Being his routine, leaving the house in the morning to the dog park and then at night more of the same. It will be a dog that has no bond with its owner or guide and can also learn bad behaviors.

Our dogs have other needs apart from playing with others.

They need to know new places. Can you imagine being at home all day and just going out to go to a slightly bigger cage where you always meet the same people, some of whom don’t even like you?

They need to smell tracks, dogs get much more tired sniffing than running, and they come home much happier. They need to spend time with their handler, playing with other dogs while you are talking to the other owner is not spending time with your dog.


A dog will prefer to take a long walk by your side, quietly smelling those pee that he encounters, playing ball or even having you teach him to give the paw, than going to a closed cage with other dogs that often intimidate him. In addition, with this we create a bond, which is essential for her to be happy. And of course, if you have no choice but to take him to a pipican, because there are no more areas to release him, why not invest that hour in walking with him?

Remember it is time for him to walk, the time to enjoy him, make it so and let’s leave the comforts, if you want your dog to be happy.