Animal Abandonment

As you well know, abandonment is still a major unsolved problem in Spain. According to the latest Affinity Foundation report last year a total of 104,688 dogs and 33,719 cats were abandoned.

As you can see, there are very high numbers of families that abandon their pets, either for the summer, after Reyes or due to behavior problems.

It is important to be aware that animals are not toys or gifts under any circumstances, they are living beings that depend on us and our decisions.

If we have an animal, it is part of our family with all that that means, for good and for bad.

But not everything is negative, there has also been an interesting increase in temporary reception during the confinement that we have experienced this year as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.

According to the Affinity Foundation, this could be due to two factors, one to empathy and the desire to help animals, and the other factor, especially in the case of dogs, is the search for a justified reason for which to go out for a walk. .

Confinement has changed us all as a society and will continue to do so in the months to come with outbreaks and new strains of the virus, such as what is happening in some European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium.

Regarding the type of dogs that arrive at shelters and protectors, the majority are medium-sized (49.1%), followed by large (27%) and small (23.9%).

Another important data to highlight is that the majority of dogs that arrive at the shelters are in adulthood, almost 62.2%, followed by 24.5% puppies and finally by the elderly or senior (13.3% ).

The top 5 reasons given by owners who deliver their pet to a shelter are unwanted litters (15.3%), the end of the hunting season (12.6%), the behavior of the animal (10 , 8%), economic factors (10.7%), and also the loss of interest in the animal (9.8%).

Keep in mind that animals would never, under any circumstances, abandon us and that is the same show of generosity that we must have towards them, if we decide that they are part of our family, be it poor or rich.

We cannot simply throw the animal to its fate after it has had affection and warmth in a house, so that it lives in the open, goes hungry, afraid and sick.