According to Bifeedoo, Organic Feed Is Natural For Animals.

We are what we eat, and the same thing happens with animals, if they eat well, they will be healthier and, therefore, their eggs, milk or meat will also be healthier for human consumption

Organic feed is the most natural food that can be offered to farm or corral animals. In Bifeedoo, the commercial brand of organic feed created by the GAPIBA company they know this well, and for that reason they present the reasons why the consumption of this food by farm animals is so beneficial.

Why should animals be fed organic feed? Organic feed is made with cereals and ingredients that come from organic and responsible agriculture, a raw material that must always comply with European regulations in reference to the ingredients, substances and additives present in them. In organic farming, it is certified that the crops are not GMO plants (genetically modified organisms), that chemical products such as herbicides or insecticides are not used and that environmentally friendly products are obtained. In addition, in Bifeedoo the purchase of local organic cereal and Km 0 is prioritized, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the feed, creating a demand for this type of cereal in farmers in the areas near the factory, offering a greater added value to its crops, and it is committed to boosting the local economy and contributing to the fight against depopulation in rural areas of the province of Teruel.

These feeds are regulated by the European Union, which controls their production with Regulation (EU) 2018/848 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of May 30, 2018, on organic production and labeling of organic products. Thanks to this regulation, it is guaranteed that organic feed will be produced under strict safety controls and ensuring the origin of its raw material.

Good animal nutrition translates into better animal health. And when the animals are healthy, their product is better (meat, eggs …). Feeding the animals with organic feed will also allow obtaining the final product with organic certification, and of high quality, natural flavor and respectful with the environment.

From Bifeedoo we have all the necessary certifications for the manufacture of organic feed, with which the animals will develop naturally, as they should be in their environment. Thanks to organic food, it is possible to respond to the demands of a demanding and increasingly growing market, which seeks more natural, sustainable products that are respectful of animal welfare and the environment.

Source: Agencies / Press Releases

Photo: Bifeedoo