9 beaches for dogs in Cantabria

Beaches for DOGS in CANTABRIA

Summer is here, the time for vacations and getaways, either to the mountains or to the beach. If we are one of those who travel with our furry dogs, the first question that comes to mind, which beach can I take my dog ​​to.

We tell you 9 beaches, in Cantabria, where you can take your dogs without major restrictions, it is clear that the key to everything is respect for all who use them. Nine places where you can go with your pet throughout the year.

Here we leave you the list, aquatized for 2021. Enjoy your holidays always with your four-legged friends.

1. Brazomar Beach, Arcisero section (Castro Urdiales)

2. Muelle de Oriñón Beach (Castro Urdiales)

3. Dicido Beach / Mioño Loader (Castro Urdiales)

4. La Riberuca Beach (Suances)

5. La Maza Beach or Los Vagos Beach (San Vicente de la Barquera)

6. El Puntal Beach (Somo)

7. Arenal del Jortin (Soto de la Marina, Bezana)

8. Trengandín Beach / Las Helgueras Beach (Noja)

9. El Madero Beach (Liencres)

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