1862 DryBar

Fortunately, little by little dogs and their guides are beginning to be welcomed in many places, not only on terraces, but also in restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc.

What we did not know is that it is also possible to go to a cocktail bar and enjoy an old fashion, a negroni or an aperitif in a bar with exquisite decoration, which not only magically transports you to Madrid in the mid-nineteenth century, but you can do it in the company of your best friend.

We want to recommend 1862 DryBar, which is a purely classic cocktail bar set in an old palace from 1862 in the center of Madrid. The decoration and details are formidable, even the glasses in which the cocktails are served. They have a good selection of drinks, but the one I especially recommend is the negroni.

The service is very good and once you enter 1862 DryBar together with your best friend, they bring you their own fresh water cocktail. Not only does this detail make you feel welcome, it also keeps you coming back again and again.

You can find him on Calle Pez 27 in the center of Madrid, I leave his instagram account in case you want to contact them.

This summer going out for cocktails in Madrid with your furry and enjoying this wonderful city full of life and that never ceases to amaze us will be the most of the most. I encourage you to visit 1862DryBar, you will see our «Dogs Welcome» logo at the entrance.